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What Is Horseradish?

This is one fiery food that shows up in more places than you likely realize, and in spite of its name, it has little to do with horses or radishes, at least in the way that we think of them. You want a show case Horseradish plant". Plant 2 Horseradish in a 5 gallon Fabric Grow Bag. A grow bag is an ideal growing medium for Horseradish. And easy to harvest late summer. Or plant horseradish directly to your garden. Either way just plant many and enjoy homemade Horseradish sauce. Remember to feed your Horseradish at least once a month Happy Meal Plant Food.

Horseradish. a pungent very hardy plant which  flourishes in USDA zones 4-8. It is used primarily for its roots which are grated and used as a condiment. The Horseradish plant has flowers; the question is, are Horseradish flowers edible?

Flowers To Eat Or Not:  Horseradish is grown primarily for its peppery root.  A cold hardy crop, Horseradish thrives in either sun or partial shade and is propagated from root cuttings. Some people have made tea from the flowers to fight off the common  cold.

 Horseradish is not only used for condiments, but it’s also prepared as medicine  used to treat sinusitis, urinary tract infections and bronchitis.,

Easy to plant fast to grow. Make room in your garden or find a container  for this valued garden delight. Plant your Horseradish in Fabric Grow Bags. 1, 2, 3, done!!


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