Happy Meal Plant food is ideal for all garden plants.  the N P K are in proper balance to give your garden the best ph  6.8- 7.0.  Happy Meal is all organic therefore; it can be used as often as you looke. There are no chemical in the Happy Meal  therefore; no build up in your soil. Make all your garden plants happy. Feed the Happy Meal plant food today Where to buy near me. Buy best.

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                                     Happy Meal  Plant Food - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

 Remember to feed your garden plants at least once a month and they will reward you all season long with plentiful harvest.   Happy Meal Plant Tea Food is all organic Farm made all natural with a neutral ph.  Easy to use just put 3 - 4 tablespoons on a gallon of water and place the gallon in the sun for about 1 hour and she is ready to use. Use in place of watering. Use As often as you like. All natural therefore no chemical build up in the soil. 

Red Composting Garden Worms Where To Buy Worms Buy Best Buy Now

Red Garden Composting Worms No Garden Should Be Without Them.

How Do Plants Eat?  Plants ingest  food as a liquid. Therefore the compost in your soil must be broken down to a liquid. Adding more water will not turn the compost into a liquefied substance that plants can use. Red Garden Worms will break down the compost and add compost to your soil as well. They kill the bad bacteria and produce enzymes that will turn the compost into an edible product for the plants to ingest.

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