Where to buy the best 1 year organic asparagus  roots crowns near me? Easy to plant  Buy many 1 year Asparagus roots  an economical way to introduce Asparagus roots to your garden.

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25 - Asparagus Roots Crowns For Sale 1 Year - Jersey Knight Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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                      The Advantage Of Planting 1 Year Asparagus Crowns

Yes these are small young Asparagus roots. However here's the advantages of planting young 1 year Asparagus roots in any variety.  First, there is cost. You can introduce Asparagus into your garden for a very low investment. Second, 1 Year Asparagus are easily to plant. No big cumbersome roots to struggle with. Third, Young 1 Year Asparagus crowns are easy to adapt to new soils and new gardening zones. 

 Buy and Plant several 1 Year Asparagus roots in all varieties and enjoy years of great harvest Soil preparation is fast and easy just plant a   Green Manuer  crop and turnit under or add Asparagus Plant Tea Food to your soil Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Companion Plant For Asparagus:   Swiss Chard   can be planted in between your Asparagus roots. The tall Asparagus ferns will shade the Swiss Chard. And in return the Swiss Chard will add color to your Asparagus garden making it a grand showcase. Plant   Garlic   or any variety on the edges of your Asparagus garden. Garlic gives off Sulfur and burns their nose of the pests and they will never return.

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