How To Prepare Your Garden Soil For Asparagus Roots For Sale!!

1. Till up your soil to the depth of 18 inches.
2.  Remove any clay or large rocks.
3.  Till in old compost and some coarse sandy.
4.  Add the fertilizer of your choice.
Some gardeners like the triple phosphate.
Others prefer organic fertilizers.
5 . Add some peat moss as well.
6.  Mix the soil well.

1.  A couple of days before your Asparagus arrive make a trench in the soil that you prepared.
2. The trench should be about 1 1/2 feet wide and about 8 inches deep.
3.  Inside the trench mound up a 2 inch hill of soil .
4.  Now take the Asparagus root and spread it out on top of the mounded up soil.
5.  Go about 12 - 14 inches and plant the next Asparagus root.
6.  After the row is complete fill back in the soil that you took out.
7.  For 3 yr crowns there should be about 5  inches of soil on top of the crowns. The longer parts will set down in the
     trench lower.
8.  After the trench is closed. Take your shovel and pat down the area to get the air pockets out.

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