How To Cook Your Garden Soil

                          How To Cook Your Compost And Why

Weather you have had other plants growing in a particular garden area or if it is the first time for you plant in that area cook your soil and compost before planting. And here is the reason why :

1. Cooking your garden area will kill any bacteria as well as any viruses  or fungus or mole that has been introduced into that garden soil. Introduction of bad bacteria may come by way of the plants that were planted previously or by the introduction of adding compost into your soil that you purchased.

How To Cook Your Compost:

1. Lightly loosen up the soil that is already there.

2. Add to your soil any new compost, sand or mulch.

3. Till everything together.

4. Now water every thing just enough to make it moist but not to make mud.

5. Cover the soil  with plastic (clear plastic) is best. You want the sun to easily penetrate threw the plastic with ease. Clear is best. And plastic is better than using a tarp. Traps can be thick and block the sun from fully cooking the compost.

6. Make the plastic "air" tight. Weight down the plastic with rocks or some thing that will keep it from blowing away and keep it  "air" tight.

7. Cook for 3 days in full sun. And 4 days if partial sun. Keep slightly moist.

Then All Most Done . . . .

8. Now take your fork and roll that cooked soil over.

9. Add a little water and cook for another 3 days.

10. After 3 days have passed take  the plastic off. The soil will be smoking.   But not hot enough to hurt you.

11. Let it cool before planting or using it to your garden.

The good bacteria will start to grow again in your soil. And all the bad elements will have been cooked out.


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