Buy Jumbo Garlic plants for sale. Jumbo Garlic has a pungent flavor that is great in any recipe. Garlic is  easy to grow. The white flowers and green stems will make a showcase garden. Plant garlic in between all your Asparagus roots. The pungent smell tinges the nose of  bugs and rabbits .  Garlic will  keep pests away.
Jumbo Garlic is a great companion plant with any variety of Asparagus . Plant the garlic in between  your Asparagus. Garlic has a short hairy root with a white bulb shaped body and long green stems. Great flavor and easy to grow. Buy the best plant many.

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Why Grow Garlic?
There are two major reasons why we should grow garlic. First,  Garlic has been praised for it's medicinal value. Garlic was used to treat many diseases. Recent research suggests garlic aids in lowering cholesterol, reducing cardiovascular disease and even a good cancer prevention. Many studies suggests that garlic helps to relieve cold and flu symptoms as well.
Second: Garlic makes a great companion plant for Asparagus - Swiss Chard - Strawberries and many more. Garlic is a very friendly plant that grows well  with flowers and vegetables in the garden. It's odor wards off many insects aphids and Japanese beetles. Garlic makes sulfur. Actually It is the sulfur and the smell of the garlic that deters fungus and bugs from your garden.
Buy Elephant and Jumbo Garlic and let them manage the bugs in your Asparagus garden.

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