Where To Get Free Nitrogen For Your Garden*

                                        What Is  Nitrogen? 

Nitrogen is a  key element in plant cell formation. Nitrogen keeps the plants in the growth and development mode. For example: nitrogen plays a critical role in the creation of its food and the processing of chlorophyll. Without it plants can not grow taller, bigger, or more mature and usually turn yellow.  Plants need a consistent supply of nitrogen to maintain a vigorous growth rate.

                                  Free Nitrogen   Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are : 4 percent nitrogen, 2 percent potassium and 1 percent phosphorous.  Plants need a consistent supply of nitrogen. Grass clippings are free and available all season.

                                     Signs Of Nitrogen Distress

As an internal relief, plants can transfer nitrogen from one part of the plant to another. Nitrogen usually  moves from the lower parts of the plant to the top. So top green leaves bottom with yellow leaves. Plants need us to supply them with nitrogen. 

                             Solution:  2 Day   Seeping Grass Clippings:

Grass clippings are high in nitrogen. Seeping the grass clippings in water releases nitrogen.. Therefore: seeping grass clippings in a  bucket of water will be ready to use in 2 days -  just strain out the grass. The 2 day seeping will take the plant longer to breakdown the nitrogen and be able to utilize it. The 14 day seeping has everything in usable form for the plants. There is no smell on 2 day seeping but 14 day seeping does smell.  

                                         14  Day     Seeping  Grass Clippings:

When the grass clippings are seeped for 14 days the liquid fertilizer from the grass clippings will be very high in nitrogen. And because all the nitrogen has been released into the water. The nitrogen is now turning into ammonia and it smells. Ammonia is a gas and plants can not use a gas.

                                                 Nasty Smell:

However when the 14 day sweeping liquid fertilizer is applied to the plants the compost in the soil breaks it down quickly to nitrate. A form of nitrogen that plants can use. The smell is from excessive nitrogen turning into ammonia gas.

  Solution :                Leaves - Wood Chips - Cardboard - No Smell

Throw into the 14 day seeping of grass clipping, something high in carbon. Carbon would make more of a balance. The carbon would keep the nitrogen from being excessive therefore no smell.

      2 Sources Of Getting Nitrogen To Your Plants - Both Free And Easy

 Source -1 -  Urine

Clean human urine is free continuous and on going supply all year. With the proper ratio of 1 part urine to 10 parts water makes  urine a homemade free source of nitrogen.

Source - 2 - Grass Clippings

2nd Source of Free Nitrogen  is .grass clippings.  When we mow our lawns. The grass clipping are free and abundant and high in nitrogen with a macro nutrients that all plants need to flourish. 

Grass Tea:

Fertilizer teas are fast-acting and free. Apply them no more than every two weeks or when your plants need a boost. They are especially effective on newly transplanted ones and those in blossom or setting fruit. Brew up a batch of weeds and throw a garden tea party for your plants!

Nitrogen is needed for acieration in the break down of compost in your soil. Fertilizer teas are fast-acting and free. 

How To Make Grass Tea

!.  Take a five gallon bucket and fill it 3/4 with grass clippings

2. Use untreated water:  fill with well water, pond water or rain water.

3. Place a brick or other object in the bucket to keep the grass submerged              under  the water.

4. Cover the bucket with a screen or other mesh material to keep the  bugs out.       A paint strainer works well.

5. Put the bucket in the shade. 

6. Stir the solution at least twice a day. A broom handle works fine. Or pour from       one bucket to another. The "goal" is to mix and and get the solution aerated.

7. As time goes on the Grass Tea Solution will get smelly but that's ok.

                           Prevention  -- Prevention -- Prevention

If you read any of my articles over the sites listed below you will know that I am all about prevention.  Do not wait till the leaves are all yellow and falling off before you do something. Put it in your gardening schedule Grass Tea every 3 weeks. 

                        Never Throw Grass Clipping Away Again  !!



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