Andys Fish Emulsion Garden Plant Fertilizer  100% Organic !00% all fish. Esay to use. The settlers from Jamestown use Fish Emulation For their gardens.  Where To Buy Near Me Buy Best Best Now.

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Andy's Fish Emulsion More Than A Plant Fertilize - Where To By Near Me 32 oz

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Andy's Fish Emulsion Plant Fertilizer 100% Fish !00% Organic Farmmade  Back By Popular Demand

  Andy's Fish Emulsion   100% Organic 100 % Fish.   Where To Buy Near Me -            Back By Popular     Demand!!

 I caught several non game   fish. And processed them   to Fish Emulsion. Many   gardeners have been   requesting that I make    the   Fish Emulsion   Fertilizer. So here it is   from  the Chattanooga   River to your garden.

 The fertilizer is liquid   and made from whole fish   and carcass products,   including the fish body   bones, scales and skin.   Rather than let unusable       fish products go to waste,   these items have by put       to use.

When Did Garden's Start Using Fish Emulsion?  Way back in the day of the Indians and the Jamestown settles. The Indians taught the settlers how to make Fish Emulsion. And today gardeners are still using Fish Emulsion for al their gardens. 

How To Use Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

To use fish emulsion, you first need to dilute it. Add just 1/2 ounce (about two tablespoons) of fish emulsion to 1 gallon of water. The odor may be strong but will dissipate in a day or so. Then water the plants using fish emulsion, you first need to dilute it. Dilute about 5 ounces of the emulsion into 1 gallon of water, or dilute 30 ounces of it into a 5-gallon bucket. Apply to the gar

The Smell Issue Is A Well Wore Out Issue!!   I Want the Smell !! 

When I am processing 50 gallons of it at a time. There is a smell. And I want the smell. The smell tells me the bacteria and fungi are hard at work breaking down the fish. So smell is not a bad thing it is  "rewarding" .  Use Andy's Fish Emulsion and your plants will reward you with many grand harvests all season. And don't worry about a smell that is harmless and you can't even smell it.

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