Sunchokes  10 / $15.00
Sunchokes  10 / $15.00

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Sunchokes 10 / $15.00

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  10 - Sunchoke Tubers  $15.00

What  Are  Sunchokes ? And why are  Sunchokes  in  high demand ?   Once you eat them you will want them again and again. There are many benefits to gardening Sunchokes. You will be amazed at the benefits.Sunchokes are like a potato or ginger.  A hardy perennial root vegetable. They are  light brown and bumpy on the outside and white inside. And most important low-starch  fewer carbohydrates than other root vegetables. Sunchokes also contain vitamin C, phosphorus, and potassium and are a very good source of iron.

Why Are Sunchokes In High Demand?  I think we all want to eat healthier and an easy solution is to eat fewer carbohydrates ? We count on our gardeners to help solve this problem.  And Sunchokes are a huge solution to our concerns.

 What Is In It For Me? Sunchokes provide a good intestinal health due to its prebiotic (bacteria promoting) properties  Inulin breaks down into fructose instead of glucose during digestion, making it a good substitute for diabetics or folks trying to eat fewer carbohydrates. For those that want to eat healthy with reduced calories Sunchokes are the answers for you.

  Do you need shade in your garden  for plants or people? Would your lettuce or Bok Choy be more lush if they had shade from the afternoon hot sun?  Sunchokes can  grow 5 - 10 feet tall and provide you with a shade for plants as well as people.  As well as lush wall of  continuous blooming  colorful flowers.  Yet the best feature of all is Sunchokes require very little gardening skill or work? If this is some of your concerns . . . then plant Sunchokes as  they would be a fast painless effort and solution to your  concerns. 

Sunchoke tubers are mature tubers that  don't care where they are planted -  any type of soil is fine.  Partial or full sun just or some sun. Water them or not. They are very self sufficient. 

Easy and fast to sprout. No waiting weeks or months to see some thing growing out in your garden.  Were you hoping increase the butterflies in your garden? Sunchokes are the answer to so many concerns. Make a heaven for Butterflies. For those that want to eat healthier and take in  fewer calories and  provide you with shade with out any additional work load   Sunchokes  are not a plant to garden but an experience. Just image this Sunchoke adventure that will reward you with more free time and  make you happier with a healthier diet. 





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