Turmeric is easy to grow in your garden or in a container. Where to buy near me. Buy many and dry for the winter.Turmeric has many health benefits.
Turmeric like full sun and fertilizer about every 3 months. Where to buy turmeric .
Turmeric plants grow about 3 feet tall. Plant and grow Turmeric tubers today.

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10 - Turmeric Tubers

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                Where To Buy Turmeric Tubers and Plants Near Me

Turmeric  is a tropical plant in the same family as ginger. Turmeric is grown from rhizomes, a fleshy root - like structures. Not a dainty plant, turmeric has large green leaves and grows 3 or more feet tall. As the

            Feed your Turmeric  Garden Tea and keep the harvest going all season. Any of the Teas are pH balanced for Turmeric. Plant Garlic in between your Turmeric to keep out pests.




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