Turmeric is easy to grow garden or house plant. Great has many health benefits.
Turmeric like full sun and to be feed fertilizer about every 3 months.
Turmeric tubers eat , dry or plant in your garden.
Turmeric plants grow about 3 feet tall. Plant and grow Turmeric tubers today.

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10 - Turmeric Tubers

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Turmeric  is a tropical plant in the same family as ginger. Turmeric is grown from rhizomes, fleshy root - like structures. Not a dainty plant, turmeric has large green leaves and grows 3 or more feet tall. As the plant matures each stem sends up a spike of greenish - white and occasionally pink flowers. Like ginger, turmeric thrives in warm, humid conditions and well - drained, neutral soil.  

A spicy powder derived from grinding the dried rhiome of the Turmeric herb. This herb has often spiced foods and treated wounds, tumors and inflammation.




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