Comfrey herb plant. Comfrey roots and leaves have all the nutrients that your garden will need.
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3 - Herb Plants Comfry

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3 - Comfry The Garden Plant With So Many Benefits
 Comfrey is a member of the Borage family Comfrey originated in the temperatures from the very cold 40 F below zero without being killed off from excessive cold.Furthermore Comfrey thrives easily in intense heat. For example, Africa holds the world record for Comfrey production which includes 12 cuttings per year yielding over 140 tons per acres.
Plant Characteristics:  The Comfrey plant grows long hairy leaves that reach 12 to 18 inches long. The ;short stems come from a central crown. Comfrey produces bell-shaped flower that start blooming in April or early May and continue to bloom for most of the summer. Comfrey has a long deep thick root system.

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