Lemongrass where to buy near me. Plant many lemon grass plants and roots. Easy to grow. Awesome flavor All organic. Dry it makes amazing cooking spiece. Where to buy Lemongrass near me.

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Lemongrass  herb or food. Its scent and flavor have  similarities with celery but with out the strings found in the Celery. Lemongrass is a long-stemmed vegetable with long crisp flattish leaf stalks that are eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable flavor. Lemongrass smell is somewhat similar to celery. Buy many Lemongrass plants  and dry for when there is none. Lemongrass is easy to plant directly to your garden. However, if you want a "showcase" plant Lemongrass in Fabric Grow Pots and have an amazing beautiful  fast to growing show planter. A truly  garden delight. Give your Lemongrass Happy Meal Plant Food after planting and about once a month and they will reward you with an amazing harvest.

The root of Lemongrass is dug up at the end of the season and used as a vegetable or grated for use in salads. The leaves can be used in salads or soups as well. Or make a season broths. The seeds can be used as a spice, similar to fennel seed.


Fabric Grow Bags - Where To Buy -  No Till Garden - Fast and Easy Planting - And No Weeds. Why Garden With Fabric Garden Grow Bags? Grow Bags Solve Many  Gardening Problems? Garden Grow Bags allow for excellent air circulation through the walls of the grow bag. Therefore, bigger and stronger roots. Plastic containers restrict air and make plants root bound and root rot. Make A Garden Showcase!!

Fabric Grow Pots make an ideal garden showcase: plant Asparagus, Fruit Plants and Garden Veggies in Fabric Grow Pots and make your garden a showcase. Garden Grow Bags are made of porous  material that will let the heat out clean air in and on rainy days will  let all that excess rain water out. The end result being  healthier plants all season. Remember to feed your plants - Happy Meal Plant Tea and they will reward you with a plentiful harvest all season.

Red Gardening Composting Worms - Your plants best friend- where to buy near me buy best

 Red Composting Garden Worms 

Red Garden Worms "The Life Of Your Soil"!! Every Garden Should Have Plenty Of Them!! Have you every planted a garden and it never looked green enough or just grew slow all season and produced a poor harvest? Yet the pH was right, and the garden was not over or under watered. The soil had aged compost. Yet the garden produced poorly. Here's the reason why!!  Plants many times fed thru their roots. The compost in the soil can not be used by the plants as is . It must be broken down to a slimy liquid. Red worms do just that : they break down the compost to a usable form and add more compost .

Actually Red Garden Worms are the "life of you soil". Without worms the compost you put in your garden soil will not break down.




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