Where To Buy  Elephant Garlic roots plants clove for sale. Where to buy organic Elephant Garlic plants  near me. A gardening delight. Thy like to eat once a month feed them Garlic Tea.  Buy many Elephant garlic clove and save for when there is none.

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Elephant Garlic Plants- Cloves For Sale -Where To Buy Best*

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Where to buy the best Elephant Garlic variety near me. Buy Elephant Garlic and enjoy the harvest. Garlic is a member of the allium family and forms a bulb. The bulb is segmented and forms cloves. *We Sell cloves.   You plant and grow cloves to plants. The individual cloves in a head of garlic are planted as seeds. The cloves turn into bulbs that grow underground and produce edible leaves and stems and flowers. The flavor is mild not as pungent of the Jumbo Garlic. Buy many and dry for when there is none. Stores very well for about 8 - 9 months. Grow your garlic in grow bags Remember to feed your garlic at least once a month: Happy Meal Plant Food.  And your Garlic will reward you with a grand harvest at the end of the season.   

Happy Meal Garden Plant Food. All organic and  easy to use. 3 Tablespoons in a gallon of water. Garlic loves to eat and will thank you for the Happy Meal plant food by plentiful harvests.

 Each clove will produce one plant with a single bulb - which may in turn contain up to twenty cloves for Jumbo Garlic and 4 cloves for Elephant Garlic. Growing garlic is therefore self-sustaining. Self-sustaining meaning . . . it produces its own from season to season.

Why Plant Garlic? Plant either Elephant or Jumbo Garlic in between your Asparagus and Swiss Chard and Raspberry Plants. Garlic is the number 1# best solution to pest in your garden.


Red Garden Composting Worms - No Garden Should Be Without Them - Red Garden Worms "The Life Of Your Soil"!! Every Garden Should Have Plenty Of Them!! Have you every planted a garden and it never looked green enough or just grew slow all season and produced a poor harvest? Yet the pH was right, and the garden was not over or under watered. The soil had aged compost. Yet the garden produced poorly. Here's the reason why!!  Plants many times fed thru their roots. The compost in the soil can not be used by the plants as is . It must be broken down to a slimy liquid. Red worms do just that : they break down the compost to a usable form and add more compost . Actually Red Garden Worms are the "life of you soil". 

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