Where to buy the best Asparagus Roots for sale near me . Plant Jersey Giant. Best roots to grow. Jersey Giant make thick short tender extremely sweet spears. The Giant asparagus plant do well in the cold as well extreme hot summers. Plant many crowns.
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Andy's Asparagus Acres.

25 - Asparagus 3 Year Roots Crowns - Jersey Giant Buy Best ! *

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Andy's Red Worms 1/4 lb Red Worms The Life of your soil. Jersey Giant 3 Year Asparagus Variety

Where to buy the best Jersey Giant Asparagus Roots For Sale near me. The Jersey Giant are a good choice to buy The benefits of planting  3 Year Jersey Giant are the following: the Jersey Giant are huge mature roots ready to produce plenty of large flavorful spears all season. The Giant are easy to plant fast to grow and have very low gardening maintenance.

Make gardening easy, plant your Asparagus directly to your garden or plant in Fabric Grow Bags. Fabric Grow Bags have many benefits: no tilling the soil, air circulation for the roots, even distribution of the Asparagus Plant Tea Food and best of all no "weeds".

The Jersey Giant can handle the cold as well as extreme summer temperatures.  All these features make the  Jersey Giant an ideal selection for your garden. For best performance feed your Asparagus - Asparagus Garden Tea - Buy 1 Get 1 Free. The Garden Tea Plant Food is all organic with a nutrient balanced pH. Just imagine your garden full of the best Jersey Giant. Your garden will be a showcase to remember. Keep garden pests out of your garden plant garlic in between your Asparagus. Garlic .


 1/4 lbs. Red Works

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