Asparagus Plant Food Tea Fertilizer. Easy to use just add water. All organic
Your Asparagus Roots Crowns Need to be fed. Use Organic fertilizers either plant food or tea.

Andy's Asparagus Acres.

Asparagus Plant Food

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No matter what kind of plants you have in your garden remember they need a good supply of nutrients. Once your Asparagus roots have been planted they will need to be fed with Andy's Energy Drink and Plant Food .
A great feature of Andy's Organic Plant Food is: it is made right here at our Asparagus Farm. Another great feature: The Organic Plant Food is made from hard to get materials that are usually not available to home gardeners. For example, rice hulls, llama compost, fish emulsion, sea kelp, mushroom compost, rabbit compost, and Comfrey plant root natural animal calcium . All the ingredient are blended together to develop the most ideal pH with the highest amount of nutrients to the plants roots system. Give your Asparagus Organic Asparagus Plant Foods and they will reward you with many great harvests.
      Organic Asparagus  Plant Food 

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