Jersey Knight are a care-free garden delight. Tall thin spears all season. Keep you asparagus happy. Feed them Asparagus plant food tea!!
Where to buy 2 Year Jersey Knight Asparagus roots for sale. Buy bestfarm raised.

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   Jersey Knight 2 Year Roots 
Jersey Knight are a long time favorite for many gardeners.  If your concerned about which variety of Asparagus to plant in your new garden bed, resolve this problem by planting Jersey Knight.  The roots are strong mature and adaptable to many types of soils and gardening zones. Jersey Knight produce thin slender spears and plenty of them.
The Knight  is surely deserving of its name. As they will  stand tall in your garden. Are maintenance free edible delight high in protein and will provide you with many great harvests of thin slender spears making your garden a show for many years to come. Plant your Asparagus fast and easy. Plant in Fabric Grow Bags


1. Plant Garlic in between each Asparagus plant/root. The Garlic releases sulfur and garden pests can not tolerate the burn on their nose.

2. A good companion plant for Asparagus is Swiss Chard. Bright colorful and delicious. The Asparagus - Garlic  and Swiss Chard all require the same pH and and watering.

3. Asparagus like to eat. About once a month feed them some Asparagus Garden Tea and they will reward you with many great harvests.

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