Elephant Garlic roots plants clove. Where to buy organic Garlic near me. A gardening delight. Just plant and leave alone. near me

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Garlic is a member of the allium family and forms a bulb. The bulb is segmented and forms cloves. The individual cloves in a head of garlic are planted as seeds. The cloves turn into bulbs that grow underground and produce edible leaves and stems and flowers.

Each clove will produce one plant with a single bulb - which may in turn contain up to twenty cloves for Jumbo Garlic and 4 cloves for Elephant Garlic. Growing garlic is therefore self-sustaining. Self-sustaining meaning . . . it produces its own from season to season.

Why Plant Garlic?

Plant either Elephant or Jumbo Garlic in between your Asparagus and Swiss Chard and Raspberry Plants. Garlic is the number 1# best solution to pest in your garden.

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