Where to buy  Millennium 3 Year Asparagus roots crowns for sale.  Millennium make all green sweet tender spears with excellent flavor. These asparagus roots can easily last 20 years with a little care. They make many harvest after harvest of green slender spears. Buy the best plant many.

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30 - Millennium 3 Year Asparagus Roots - Crowns For Sale

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30 Asparagus Roots - Millennium Asparagus
Are looking for a distinctive Asparagus variety of roots that will produce  a sweet satisfying flavor ? Look no further Millennium Asparagus are the best  Asparagus that are an ideal choice for your garden. 
Millennium has been a favored choice by gardeners across Canada as well as the United States for many years. In our trial, results show that Millennium can be grown successfully in a wide range of soil types. Maybe you have other Asparagus varieties in your garden, Millennium  is compatible with other Asparagus varieties. A worthy investment for great harvests.
            Feed your Asparagus Garden Tea and keep the harvest going all season. Plant Garlic in between your Asparagus to keep out pests.

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