Heirloom Asparagus Roots Crown For Sale. Where to buy near me. Easy to plant fast to grow. Garden many varieties of Asparagus and don't for get the Heirloom

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25 - Asparagus Roots Crowns 2 Year - Heirloom

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Heirloom 2 Year Asparagus Crowns Roots
Heirloom Asparagus roots and crowns are know for there "flavor and "taste". Hybrids have lost some of this fine quality. A good healthy plant of any kind is grown in a sandy loam soil that is fertile and drains well.
Plant  2 Year Heirloom Asparagus and capture that flavor that is missing. Harvest following season.


1. Plant Garlic in between each Asparagus plant/root. The Garlic releases sulfur and garden pests can not tolerate the burn on their nose.

2. A good companion plant for Asparagus is Swiss Chard. Bright colorful and delicious. The Asparagus - Garlic  and Swiss Chard all require the same pH and and watering.

3. Asparagus like to eat. About once a month feed them some Asparagus Garden Tea and they will reward you with many great harvests.


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