Plantain Seeds For Planting Or Cooking   1/2 lb

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Plantain Seeds For Planting Or Cooking 1/2 lb

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Where To Buy Plantain Seeds Near Me?

Garden Plantain and harvest many. Plantain also called psyllium seeds. They are small 1.5 to 3.5 oval, boat-shaped dark reddish-brown, odorless, and nearly tasteless. They are coated with mucilage, which aids in their transportation by allowing adhesion to various surfaces. Plant many Plantain Seeds  and enjoy all season.

Plantain seeds are best grown directly outside by sowing in early to mid-spring after the last frost has passed. Seeds should be scattered directly over prepared soil. Germination normally takes seven to fourteen days. Leaves can be harvested for use 30 days after the first plants sprout from the soil.

                                          Eating Plantain Seeds

Eating Seeds:  You can eat the seeds should you have the patience to collect Plantain Seeds. Lightly salt them and bake. Sprinkle on toast. Add to your favorite ice cream eat many and enjoy the flavor with hot or cold Plantain Tea

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