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Read my Okra Story and it will give you a boost and some funny details on how to grow the very best Okra in your garden.

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Where's An Opossum Or Raccoon When You Need One?

I never liked eating Okra till I was in College. Here's my story. As a kid growing up with family that loved to garden, there was always plenty of Okra. And truthfully as a kid and even on into high school. Okra was not for me.Then when I got to college my room mate was Okra crazy. He loved Okra. He could cook Okra ;a million different ways. The funny part of this story is that he was a chef going to college to be a dietitian . And the only thing he cooked was Okra.

With classes and sports and a busy schedule I had no time to cook. So I would just grab some Okra as I ran out the door. Before I knew it. Okra became a morning , noon and night meal. Okra was fried, steamed, boiled, baked and breaded. After Thanksgiving break he came back to college with pickled Okra that he made himself. Oh no!! more Okra.

I married his sister and now I have a family and a garden too. And guess what I have growing? That 's right Okra. My wife is an avid gardener of many Okra plants and Okra is a main staple of our diet on a weekly basis.  Where's an opossum or raccoon when you need one?


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