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3 - Luffa Plants

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Buy Luffa (Sponges or Squash) Plants For Sale

What Is Luffa? Squash or Sponge.  Luffa (cylindricais ) also know as Chinese Loofah, vegetable sponge, and dishcloth gourd and the dish rag vine. Luffa has many names and many purposes. Where to buy Luffa near me?

First, if Luffa is picked early it is an edible vegetable. Just like a sweet squash.Second Sponge:  if the Luffa is left on the vine to mature it will turn into a natural fiber that can be used as a sponge for cleaning including a bath scrubby. Third, need some shade in your garden? Lufa is the answer.

Luffa can make a shady trellis with showy flowers, tasty fruit and a perfect sponge. Shade: Get your Luffa planted today. Many gardeners grow Luffa for its large lemon-yellow flower which are as much as five inches across and which bloom all summer long. Luffa as a great garden addition the  pH  is simple. A good companion plant is   Garlic.   It releases sulfur and deters pest. 


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