i made compost tea for you. no work for you just add water.
bigger healthier plants, roots, crowns give compost tea.
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Andy's  Energy All  Organic.
Plant Energy Drink has all the nutrients to
keep you garden plant in high production.
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comfrey the only plant that make all nutrients buy many and grow healthy plants.
Andy's Organic Energy Drink:
Andy's  OrganicPlant Food
Why Is Andy's Organic Plant Food the Best?
First, Andy's Organic Plant Food is made right here at our Asparagus Farm. The
Organic Plant Food is made from hard to get materials that are usually not available to
home gardeners.

For example, rice hulls, llama compost, fish emulsion, sea kelp, mushroom compost,
rabbit compost, and Comfrey plant root natural animal calcium . All the ingredient are
blended together to develop the most ideal pH with the highest amount of nutrients to
the plants roots system.
Step 1 :
Till the soil down 5 - 9 inches. Remove weeds and large chucks of rock or
Step 3 :
The Plant Foodis all organic theerefore no chemical build up in the soil .
Lightly hoe in about every 4 months.
Step 2:
Now add 1 handfull  of Plant Food every 5 feet. Retill lightly to blend the
Plant Food into the soil.
organic plant food
I am Buster Urmine (Gunner) From:
South Texas Farmer's Market

"I grow Albert's Tomato Plants." The World's Largest Tomato and
the World's smallest  Tomato.

This Spring 2017 I am growing Asparagus. I used Andy's Energy
Drink on my Tomato Plants. It is all organic and the only way to go.
The Energy Drink feeds the plants roots system. My Tomato Plants
are show case disease free beauties. Once fed the plants are
ready to start producing bountiful harvest all season.
The Energy Drink is easy to prepare. It can be used in place of
watering. Andy's Energy Drink is a organic therefore, no chemical
build up in the soil.
1.   Place 3 - 4 tablespoons in a gallon of water.
2.   Set the gallon in the sun for 3 hours and it is ready to use.
organic plant food just sprinkle around the plants
Order Comfrey Tea - Comfrey Plant Food - Comfrey Plants
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