Chrysanthemum Plants
Plant Mums and Enjoy the Color In the Fall
mums bloom late fal for months no care needed buy many.
mums colorfull  so easy to grow. buy many make a rainbow
buy several mum plant.
mum plants roots many advantages.
Chrysanthemums are composites, meaning that their flowers heads are made
of tiny individual flowers. The flowering parts of the Chrysanthemums are
made up of disk and a ray of florets.
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Plant Mums in a container or directly to
your garden.
Bushel Basket Plant 6  Mums.
Mix colors of Mums for different look.
mums keep pests away.
mums plants roots fior sale
Interesting Facts About Mums

First important fact is:  Mums are super easy to grow. A "no
care" garden favorite. Plant Mums early Spring. Just let them
grow. Then, on or close to July 15 th give them a hair cut. Try
to shape them "round".  Like a ball.

In other words, just take a scissors and cut them  round just
like giving a hair cut.  Then just let them grow. And early fall
you will have blooming mums.
Second, interesting fact is that Mums: contain a chemical called pyrenthrum
which naturally repels bugs , rabbits and most garden pest.  So plant in and
round your garden and enjoy a pest free garden.

Mums make great garden companion plants as they do not hog all the soil
nutrients. And they will grow in any kind of soil.
Third, many gardeners believe that Mums bring happiness and laughter to
the garden. If not the Mums will sure get a lot of people staring.
The ray florets are considered imperfect flowers, as they possess the female
productive organs. The florets on the other hand are considered perfect
flowers as they possess both male and female reproductive organs.
What Is The Secret To Getting The Mums To Grow So Thick?
Is there more than one Mum in a container?
Yes there is!! There is more than one Mum. When you plant
outdoors plant to close together. Plant one then go 6 inches and
plant another one. They will grow together as one big plant.
6 inches pot plant just one in the container.

9 inch container plant two.

12 in Container 3 - 4 .
15 - 16  inch container plant 5

24 inch container plant  6 -  8     
Bushel Basket Size
Last Secret:

In the growing stage give them 20-10-20 fertilizer. Liquid soluble when you water. Do
this up till end of August then switch to 20- 20 - 20. Enjoy the rainbow of color and cut
some of the flowers and make tea.
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Chrysanthemum Plants
    Chrysanthemum Plants
Plant Mums and Enjoy the Color In the Fall
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