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The color pattern in this pictures is as followes
Orange, Violet, Orange,Violet  Bright Yellow.
Mums    Plant Early Spring  For A  Rainbow A Color Early Fall
plant chrysanthemums early Spring fast easy
yellow mums gardening in container or buy many and do your walk way
white mums bright
Colorful   Mum Collection
Morning Sun
Snow White Mum
Bright tOrange
add fall color to your garden plant mums
chrysanthemum showcase of colors
Sun  Orange
Rosalba White Mum
mums in realy pumpkin head
groiwing mums fast and easy
mums bloom early fall
pumpkin head mums plant in a plastic head.
Bushel Basket  Jumbo Mums
Happy Face Halloween Mums
The Beauty Of Jumbo Mums
huge chrysanthemum a show case buy several
Sun  Yellow  Mum
Red Belgium Mum
Belgian Mum  Violet
Sun  Yellow  Mum
Plant  Crysanthemums early Spring.
You will wonder how  is the plants that  you
received going to end up looking like the ones in
the pictures?
When Too Plant Chrysanthemums
Well here's the answer and it is no secret. Mums grow
2 inches a week. There's 20 weeks or so before bloom
time in the fall.

The mums will surely reach that size by Sept - Oct.
Crysanthemum Plants
Mums Pretty In Purple
Fall Holiday Colors In Shades Of Orange
Bushel Basket Mums
Purple Mums
Sunset Shades of Orange
Belgian Orange
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