Online  Asparagus - Gardening Asparagus Roots  and Crowns For  Sale:
Step -3 -  Planting Asparagus Roots and Crowns In A  Trench:

Prepare your soil but wait to make the trench.

Don't make the trench too early as it could fill up with rain water. A  couple of days before your Asparagus arrive
make a trench in your prepared area. The
trench should be 1 1/2 feet wide and 9 inches deep.  Inside the trench
mound up about 2 inches of soil like a small hill.

Give each root one square foot or 14 -15 inches a part.  A row is optional. When the spears are ready to be
harvested it is possible to just step over and around the plants. Row therefore is not necessary.
Planting Asparagus roots is fast growing is faster. Gasrdeing Asparagus is care free.
Step - 4 - On line Asparagus Gardening:
Closing  the Asparagus Roots Crowns Plants For Sale Trench.
The goal here is to fill the trench back in with the soil that was removed . There should be
about 5 - 6 inches of soil on top of the crown when finished.
Buy several varieties of Asparagus and enjoy great Spring harvests.
Step - 5 - Water the Asparagus Roots Crowns Plants For Sale:

After planting the Asparagus water deep. However before the next watering check the soil. If the  surface
soil is slightly moist and slightly dry just skip the watering. The soil beneath the surface will be moist.
More is not better when it comes to watering Asparagus. The goal here is moderate watering. Once or
twice a week is all it takes. Over watering will cause root rot of the asparagus plants roots and crowns for
Step -8 -               Asparagus Roots - Fall Care Fast and Easy

Late fall and after a really good frost the Asparagus ferns will turn brittle and brown. At that time just
cut the ferns even with the garden soil. Gather up the ferns and throw them out.
Then just give each Asparagus Root and Crown for sale a scoop of compost. Not necessary put
compost on top of the crowns try to go out away from the crown as the root has spread out and it is
the root that you want to feed. Go around in a circle like you see landscapers do with trees.
asparagus weeds just pull out weeds
Step 6 :                            "Once In A While Pull The Weeds Out"
Asparagus roots and crowns , Garden your way grownnin the USA
"When the ferns are old and dried
just cut them off and throw them out".
add compost food tonyour soil or place at the base of your Asparagus roots, plants
water, sun, buy many,
fast easy to plant asparagus
asparagus plsants roots buy several as they will be eaten quickly
They planted garlic around the Asparagus roots crowns and it stinks keep me out of there garden.
asparagus roots,  crowns,  plants,  for sale
animasl compost buy compst tea to feed your Asparagus plants, roots.
we take the work out of asparagus food for your plant. Buy compst plant food.
"Ok, let's go plant some Asparagus roots."
Step 1: Finding A Location In Your Garden
The location for gardening asparagus should receive at least 7 -  8 hours of sun light  a day when
possible. Split or full  sun is fine.

The area that you select should be a permanent location as Asparagus roots are very difficult to
remove from the soil after a few years. Another important factor to consider  is  the ferns will grow
tall and will block your view if planted in front of your favorite window. The area should have good
drainage as well.
"Come On Ethel we have a lot of composting
to do today" No time for window shopping".
"My name is In & Out." What Comes in goes out in the garden.
After the soil has been prepared.  Water it really well. Check
the pH in a few weeks and then again in a month. The pH will
change and then settle out.
Step - 2:      How To Prepare Your Soil For An  Asparagus Garden

Asparagus like composted sandy loam soil that has a pH of close to 7.0 . Start by removing any clay or large
rocks. Till the soil down as far as you can go about 18 inches. The reason being the Asparagus roots in a few
years will grow down that far and need good soil to grow into.

Animal Compost:
Natural compost that has aged is excellent. Old compost contains all the nutrients that will
feed your Asparagus successfully. If animal  compost is not available,   Lowe's has good bagged compost
that works as well. Perhaps you have a garden composter with  leaves and grass clipping. That will work as
well. Course untreated sandy  should be added as well. Refrain from fine sand as it will work the opposite
and compact the soil instead of keeping the soil loose. No children's' play sand it has been treated and is fine.
After planting take a shovel and firmly pat the soil down. The idea is to get the air pockets
out of the soil. Air pockets will let viruses in and become a pool for water retention. Our
focus is to have soil that the water will flow throw ready.
I planted100 Asparagus plants , roots and so carefrre just let them groew.
"I planted  Online Asparagus Roots. The Heirloom variety. For my growing area I water once or twice a
week and then let Mother Nature take care of the rest".
Sometimes we might not get rain for a while. But when we do I put containers under the rain gutters on my
house. It is amazing at how much water I can collect. When I get ready to use the rain water. I mix in 2  - 8
ounce cups of white vinegar to 30 gallons of water. The vinegar will kill any thing that should not be in the
"Mother Nature helps out   with watering my Asparagus  Roots".
Buy Online  Asparagus Roots and Plants for sale. Sometimes Asparagus
gardeners will sprout weeds.  

Here's a  couple of tips on controlling  weeds.

A. If the compost is a  natural animal type as well as any compost that has   
natural green contents such grass clippings, or leaves the compost
should have been cooked to 145 degrees by the sun. The easiest way to
do this is just lay your compost out in a pile and cover with plastic and let
the sun cook away. Or just move your compost container into the sun and
remember to turn the compost.

B. Asparagus are very hardy and will fend for themselves when it comes to
weeds. So if your gone on vacation no need to worry. Just pull the weeds out
when your come back. Weeds will take the nutrients out of the soil so don't let
the weeds over power your Asparagus garden.
             'I like Asparagus too".

Best way to control rodents is just feed them and they will
leave your  Asparagus garden alone. Get some corn or some
cheap  wheat or barley seed. Put the food for rodents in a
place on the edge of your garden and they will feed there.  
Garlic Elephant or Jumbo Plants: Plant Spring or Fall
Plant garlic in between and around your all your garden plants and especially  the  Asparagus roots and
crowns for sale. Rodents and insects do not like the smell as well as the taste of garlic -- works great for
any thing that hops, crawls or slithers into your garden.
Step 7:                     Online  Asparagus Plants Crowns For Sale
                         Control Pest With Garlic and Marigold Plants
marigolds add coloir tonyour garden and keeps the pests out of your Asparagus roots crowns.
marigold plant easy to garden just plant.
French Marigold Plants:

An excellent insect and rodent deterrent. I don't like the smell of these plants and insects and
rodents don't either. We are an Asparagus Farm a and have them growing every where. We are
organic and don't use pesticides nor herbicides. And even those pretty flower smell bad we rely
on the smell to keep all our plants healthy and bug free. Use what is natural makes for a better
harvest and healthier people.
Elephant Garlic:
Garlic comes as a plant. The clove has developed into a bulb. The number of leaves will determine
how many cloves the plant will make in one head. This garlic is 7 months old. Harvest Elephant
Garlic this the Fall . Just plant the w
hole plant do not break the head open yet.
"OK so your not up for a bicycle
ride with a bunch of Online
Asparagus roots and crown
clipped ferns".
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Order 3 Year or 2 Year Asparagus Roots -  Crowns    
      Spring  2019 Ordering  is well under way.
Plant Asparagus early Fall  and Harvest Fresh Spears In Spring    
"Watering  My Asparagus  roots  till Nature takes over."
Plant Asparagus Roots in sandy loam  soil that drains well.
"This garden is for
Asparagus Roots only".
Plant Asparagus Roots in amended soil.
Asparagus Roots garden box.
Asparagus Roots  moderately water in a well drained soil.
Tomato Plants For Sale
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"Garlic is a great companions plants.
He keeps the bugs off of us."
"Ok, let's go plant some Asparagus roots."
Asparagus Roots garden box.
Keep garden pests at bay. Plant marigolds into your garden plants. Marigolds release
sulphur into the air and irritates garden pest. They can not tolerate the smell.
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