Edible Fiddle head Fern - Ostrich Fern
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Edible Fiddle Fern
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Fiddle head  Fern Roots Plants For Sale
 "The Succulent Stalks of Spring"
harvest fiddlehead when curled up tight.
fiddlehead fern edible expensive buy plenty of ferns grow your own.
Why Grow Fiddle head Ferns?
Fiddle head Ferns Food and Landscape.
Why Pay $$. When you can plant
Fiddle head Ferns.
There are many good reasons why Fiddle head Ferns should be a part
of your garden beside  the fact that:

Connoisseurs of fine food considers the fern a

1.  Showy - arching, plume like reminiscent of a tail  feather of a bird.
2.   Fiddle head ferns can turn a garden where "eye sore" into beauty.
3.   Provide shade for other plants  while looking simply stunning.
4.   A landscape plant as well as for food.
5.   And equally important provide a tasty treat to harvest.
6.   An addition to a shade garden.
7.   Fixing a "problem area" with lush and beautiful growth.
8.   Providing an expensive delicacy to eat
9.   Fiddle head ferns take little care.

** For a reward of a life time plant Fiddle head  ferns and enjoy.
Where to Plant Fiddle head Ferns
Shady river bottoms
Rich hardwood Forrest
Rich organic soil.
Underneath trees
Decaying of leaf matter
Slightly acid soil 5.5 - 6.0
Plant in a special bed in a "patch" and watch this special
cluster of tail feather ferns blow in the wind.
Or for a showy garden piece plant in contain
How To Grow Fiddle head  Ferns Roots Plants
Fiddle head Ferns. Feed Andy's Organic
Plant Food.
Plant shallow. Take the coconut scale like root and  cover it
with about 3/4 this of soil and water well.
What Are  Fiddle head Ferns?
Fiddle heads  are the new the fronds of the Ostrich Fern. The
young coiled fronds are a gourmet wild vegetable often referred
to as:

     "the succulent stalks of spring"

Of all the wild edible plants the Fiddle heads are some of the
most unique and flavorful
What Are You Planting?
Root stock or rhizome - which looks like a coconut
with big woody fish scales.
First thing out of the soil is the Fiddle head.
Plant Fiddle head ferns in shady spots.
Understanding Ostrich - Fiddle head  Fern Plant Anatomy
Ostrich Fern to the left
This hole plant  is call an  Ostrich  Fern and grows in a rosette
"V" shape  funnel.

The parts of the Fern are:

* the crown  - round coconut shape part
* the new growth on the crown  called "the Fiddle head" edible
* Fiddle head to Fern in the early stages good to eat.
* the brown reproductive fern retains the reproductive spores.
The round  coconut clump structure that looks like
crowns is what you will plant. We can not ship ferns with
crowns is what you will plant. We can not ship ferns with
In the center is a thick frond. It starts out green and in a few
days turn dark brown and woody. This is the fertile part of
the plant. Do not  cut it nor break it off. Just leave it stand
so it can reproduce .
These are the Fiddle heads and ready to harvest.
Once the Fiddle heads uncurl they turn into the fern. The
edible part of the Fiddle head curled up with a brown
paper covering on it.
Fiddle head Fern Tail Feather Landscape.
filtered sun light,
uderstand how ferns grow, Simple fast easy.
Filtered Morning Sun afternoon shade.
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