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   What is Rhubarb?    
From the Garden To The Kitchen
Rhubarb is a very unique popular home grown vegetable (a leaf stalk)
that is most often used in desserts.

That's right Rhubarb is a vegetable not a fruit. Rhubarb is  cultivated for
its delicious, pink or green  stems. It is very hardy, frost resistant and
appears in the garden every year
starting in spring.

Rhubarb is extremely easy to grow and even the smallest garden can
accommodate Rhubarb plants. You will be provided with tasty, versatile
rhubarb to create many amazing rhubarb dishes for breakfast, lunch and
A "no care" easy garden plant that will provide you with years
of  great harvest
Plant with morning sun  afternoon shade. In the heat of the
summer the rhubarb will grow slowly. When fall comes and
cooler temperatures they take off growing fast.

Northern Regions:
In Northern states plant full sun or other.

Rhubarb can tolerate most soils but grows best in fertile well -
drained soils that are high in organic matter. A clean planting site
is essential for the cultivations of Rhubarb.

Rhubarb can be grown in acidic soils down to about pH 5.0 but
grows best in slightly acidic soil - pH 6.0 - 6.8. It is important and
well worth the effort to prepare your soil adequately keeping in
mind that the Rhubarb will be there about 15 years. The goal is  
that the soil be very fertile with lots  rotted manure or compost.  
Old compost is important as fresh compost will cause "hook
Harvest First Year:
During the first year of planting Rhubarb plants for sale, the
stalks should not be picked, since food from the leaves is
needed to nourish the roots for the next year's growth. One
light picking may be taken during the year following planting if
the Rhubarb plants are vigorous. The beginning the second
year following planting, the entire plant may be harvested.

When harvesting Rhubarb:
1. Harvest Rhubarb from April onwards.

2. Pull the stalks rather than cut them. You'll find they
detach easily without leaving a stump to rot.

3. Discard the leaves as they are poisonous.

4.  Leave about 3 of the older stalks on the Rhubarb plant.
Keep pulling the younger ones. Rhubarb stalks of a plant may
be harvested at one time, or pulled out selectively over a 4-6
week period.
Same great  flavor.
$8.00 or 2 / $14.00
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