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Gardening mint in a container.
Orgabic mint
-  Mint  Herb  Plants -
Spearmint, Pine Apple Mint, Lemon Mint
Gardening Mint Plants.
Mint A Special Herb  Easy To Grow Smells Like No Other
There are many benefits other than smelling great and a
grand herb to cook with. The leaves are packed with
Riboflavin, Folate, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Copper and
Manganese all the natural essential for our good health.

Furthermore Spearmint  is highly regarded as a  natural
carminative. It helps relax intestinal muscles, relieves
flatulence, stimulates digestive juices, and soothes nausea.
Spearmint tea is also  taken to relieve menstrual cramps, and
to relieve stress-headaches.
Externally, (because of a high menthol content) it can be
used to relieve itching and inflammations, to relax tense
muscles, and help clear nasal congest
The Mint plant is a popular easy to grow nd a  native plant of
Europe. Mint has a savory  flavor  used in cooking and as a
garnish or use the leaves to make cold or hot tea.
There are many varieties of Mint all of which we grow. For
example Chocolate mint, Pineapple Mint , Orange Mint,  
Lemon Mint, Peppermint and Spearmint wh
ich is the most
First thing to keep in mind is that Spearmint grows fast.  
Spearmint should  have partial shade. Spearmint will
tolerate full sun. But if you have the option choose a sunny
location that will also have some shade  around mid day is

Spearmint will grow in just about any kind of soil. However
if you really want to give your Spearmint a boost plant in  
fairly good soil with a pH of 6.5  -  7.0 .

Mix a little sand in with a good food-friendly potting soil (be
sure to read the fine print) on the bag of the potting soil
before you purchase. Many commercial products are
specifically not to be used for growing consumable foods.

Or just amend your soil with aged compost or manure and
throw in a little sand  and a handful of peat moss. Now your
are ready to plant.

Keep in mind too much organic matter in your soil can
cause rust (plant fungus). The goal here is moderation.

After your plants are established, consider mulching to help
keep the roots cool, and the soil moist.
Why Grow Mint ?
How To Prepare Your Soil For   Growing Mint ?
How To Prepare Your Soil For   Growing Mint ?
How To Fertilize  Growing Mint:
When the soil was prepared and rotted organic matter or compost
was applied that will take care of the first season of growing. No
additional fertilizer will be needed.

For established mint beds, apply a light top dressing of well-rotted
organic matter or compost gently mixed into the top soil in the fall .

Or, apply a monthly dose of liquid fertilizer during the growing
season. If you would prefer to use Organic Tea. Order the Tea when
you order the Mint plants. I like organic all natural no chemicals.
How To Harvest  Mint:
A lot of herb gardeners harvest when the spearmint starts to bloom.  
However I harvest before it blooms. When the plant is full of young
leaves just pluck them off or cut the branches.

This early harvest will not hurt the plant. Remove up to a third of the
spearmint plant, branch and leaves. The remaining plant will re-grow
for later harvest. Use the leaves immediately; spearmint does not dry
well. The oils are strongest if harvested in the morning after the dew
has evaporated.
How To Propagate Mint:
Propagate mint by: growing it from seed, growing new plants from
cuttings, or dividing mature plants into new
Growing Mint From Cuttings:
Take cuttings that are at least 6" long. Place the cutting  in a
growing medium and keep moist. When the roots are well
established just  transplant to their final destination.

Growing Mint By Division: Keep your mint patch healthy and
revived by dividing the plants every 2 or 3 years. Lift the clumps
gently from the soil, with roots intact. Divide each plant into pieces.
The pieces should have a portion of roots attached to the "new"

Remove or cut out any older "woody" sections.  T mint he flavor
quality isn't as strong for these older sections. Replant the rest and
give away the extras!).
Plant Mint in a large leaf bag. Container.
Great  patio  plant.
Apply compost to soil for gardening mint plants.
Harvesting Mint plants and roots is on growing all season. Harvest fresh leaves and enjoy.
Pineapple buy plenty.  Hard to find garden plant easy to grow.
How to propagate mint plants for your garden.
Pineapple Mint
Mint  Plant In  Bloom. Sweet Herbs.
Plant Mint great pest deterrent and make
great people tea.
Thanks for Reading!!
Happy Planting!!
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