Before doing anything to your soil have the soil tested to determine just
exactly what the soil is missing. Check with your local Farm Extension.
The soil  tests are usually inexpensive and come with easy to read
details and suggestions on how to correct soil to a better pH.

Pay attention to the phosphorus and potassium levels. Micro nutrients
are not important to successfully
grow  Asparagus . Let the soil testers
know that  Micro nutrients are not important and it may be possible to get
the test done for even cheaper. The composted manure and compost
from kitchen waste are normally abundant with phosphorus and adding
course sand may be all your soil needs.

Water Drainage  Perk Test:

This is a fast easy test that can be done by yourself.  How To Do Water
Drainage Test  can be found at the Asparagus Gardener web site. They
do a really nice job with many articles on Planting Asparagus. Just be
sure and come back to  to order your
Asparagus roots and crowns for sale.

Once the soil is prepared you will want to maintain a high nutrient level.
Click on the link for additional  details on adding
Andy's Organic Plant
to the  soil. Also to maintain a good quality soil. Feed your
Asparagus  roots use
 Andy's Organic Energy Drink For Plants and give
Asparagus Plant Vitamins as well.
Every year in the Spring and again in the Fall side dress the Asparagus
bed with more compost. And refresh the soil  in the summer and fall with
Andy's Organic Plant Vitamins.
Choose a sunny site with fertile soil that’s clear of weeds and grass and
remove any clay and large rocks.  Plant the Asparagus  crowns 12 - 14
inches a part or give them 1 square foot.

The fronds will grow 5 - 6 feet tall. Leave the  ferny foliage stand all summer
and late fall . After a good frost  has come and you know winter is just around
the corner then  cut the ferns off.  

How to calculate your garden area for the number of Asparagus to plant
Plant Asparagus either early Spring ormid fall.
Nothing Says Spring Like Fresh  Asparagus !!
Plant Asparagus This Spring Harvest Sears In 3 Weeks
Mail in your Asparagus plant order
Plants 3 year Asparagus plants - roots - crowns abd harvest fresh spears in 3 weeks.
Gardening Asparagus is fast and easy.
Asparagus like to be planted in a trench. Garden Asparagus plants in a trench not a hole.
Gardening Asparagus plants is fast and easy.
Plant Asparagus in a bed, Or try a large container,
Asparagus once planted are easy no care garden delight.
Click on the barn order 3 year Asparagus Crowns.
A Garden Bed:
Plant your favorite varieties of Asparagus in a raised bed. A
garden bed just for Asparagus is an easy way to harvest each
Asparagus can be planted in a field that is weed free with soil
that has been ammended and tilled deeply.
Soil Requirements:
What To Plant Asparagus Varieties:
20 Litre Container:
Plant your favorite variety of Asparagus in a 20 liter container that
has many drains hole. The blue container below has 7 year old

Jersey Supreme
Asparagus of one variety growing in it .  That's
right 7 years old Asparagus.
Buy Asparagus Compost Tea. Feed your Asparagus plants keep them healthy.
Where to plant Asparagus plants.
Asparagus make great companion plants,
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