Buy many Asparagus varieties. Harvest and freeze for whenthereis none.
Asparagus plants roots turn golden for winter.
"This is fun. This Spring  the Asparagus harvest was plentiful.  I cut the spears  
just  below the soil".

" Now I am wondering what I should do for the Asparagus this Fall . . ." How
should I prepare them for the up coming winter?"
On line Asparagus Roots Crowns For Sale - Fall Care  
In the Fall the Asparagus Ferns  will turn colors just like the leaves on
trees do. This process usually happens after the first frost.

Early fall the Asparagus ferns will be a bright green. As temperatures
drop and the leaves on the trees turn colors  so will the ferns on the
Asparagus. The ferns will turn from bright green to yellow and orange  
then to brown. Once all the ferns have turned brown all the nutrients
in the ferns will have been sent to the Asparagus roots. Now it is time
to cut the ferns off.

Depending on your  gardening zone this may happen early in Sept.  
For example, fall and winter come early in Minnesota.  Or like in  
Texas  fall may not come  around  until November. And  for some
gardens like i
n California not at all.
Throw the branches away. Do not add to your compost pile as the
ferns sometimes harbor unwanted garden pest.
If you fern turn yellow in the middle of summer something is going
on. More than likely they are getting too much water.

Or if  the ferns turn brown before Fall and a frost then  a fungus has
set in.  Easy to fix just spray with the all organic chemical free:
Bordeaux All Organic Mixture.
Cover Asparagus Plants with Leaves for the winter.
Apply about  50% mulch and go around in a circle like you
see them do trees .

Try not to put compost directly on top of where the ferns
come out of the soil. It is not the crown of the Asparagus you
want to feed but the root. The roots will have spread out
under the soil. So be sure and go out at least a foot or so
from the crowns. If the compost lands on top of the crowns
don't worry as it will not kill the Asparagus.

Don't water any more once the Fall comes just let Mother
Nature do the rest.
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. Garlic is a natural barrier of garden pest.
I planted 50 Jersey Supreme Asparagus Crowns. At first I was worried
that I ordered too many.  I prepared my soil way before the Asparagus
arrived. On the day of planting  I gathered up some helpers  and we spent
about 1 hour  planting 50 Asparagus roots and had fun doing it .

Asparagus are one of those "no care - must have garden plants".

After planting the Asparagus there wasn't much to do for them -  just a
little water once a week.  And I side dressed once a season with
Organic Plant Food.

50 Asparagus turned out to be  a good number to plant.  I had a grand
harvest for 8 weeks. The extra spears I put in the freezer for
Thanksgivings and Christmas dinner. The Asparagus spears tasted just
like they were harvested that day .

Remember to Plant Marigolds   Pennyroyal and
Garlic in between  your
Asparagus and keep those bugs and rabbits out of your garden.

Now I am preparing my soil this fall to plant 50 more next Spring. What do
I need to do for my Asparagus for the up coming winter months?
Mailin Asparagus Order.
Order Asparagus to plant in your garden.
Harvest Asparagus Plants at 7 - 9n inches tall.
How To Prepare Asparagus Roots Crowns For Winter
Step : 1  Easy
"Well not so fast now. . .
I had a great Spring harvest and don't want to mess this up."
Preparing Asparagus Plants roots for winter.
Asparagus Plants go dormant for the winter.
Step : 2 Yellow - Orange and Brown
Step : 4  Compost and Mulch
Step : 3 Brown and Brittle
Asparagus for winter protection. We are an Asparagus Farm
and only give compost to add nutrients to the soil to feed
the roots during the winter months.

An important point here is the Asparagus are cold hardy -
meaning that they will survive in the coldest gardening
zones with out doing anything.

Since Asparagus are an investment of time and money.
Take a few minutes and do the following steps.
Once the ferns have turn completely brown and brittle
then cut the ferns even with the soil.
Buy several Asparagus plants toharvest pickle and can plenty for when there is none.
The picture on the lest that is all brown is ready to cut down. The
ferns can be removed in the Fall going into winter.
Or just leave the ferns stand until next Spring. I like to remove them
so I am ready for the spears early Spring.
Plant plenty of Asparagus roots and harvest
fresh spears for 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks is
up that ends the season for that years.

So it is important to plant plenty of Asparagus
roots and harvest all you can.

Freeze and pickle the excess spears. They
keep  all winter.
Plant Plenty of Asparagus Roots and Crowns
Spring Planting 2019
Plant garlic plants around your Asparagus roots and keep out gardening pests.
Nothing like fresh made AsparagusTea to feed my Asparagus Plants roots crowns.
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