Plant Jumbo Garlic.
Garlic make a flower yhat is edible.
Soil Preparation and Where To Plant Garlic:

Garlic makes a great container plant or plant directly to your garden. Either way it is the
soil that makes the difference. Choose a garden site or container where the soil drains
well and not too damp. Also the area should  get plenty of sun.

Till your soil down to about 8 - 12 inches. Make a good  fertile soil  that is going to provide
lots of nutrient s and provide good moisture retention yet drain well add the following:
aged compost, course sand and throw in lots of organic matter  such as leaves or rotten
hay. Garlic will grow in soils with a pH from 5.0 to 8.0. However garlic  does best in a
slightly acid soils that range from (6.2 to 6.8) .
How To Plant Garlic:
freezes. In mild climates, plant in January or February for harvesting in late summer or
early fall. Plant Jumbo Garlic 2 - 4 inches a part and 12 - 18 inches between rows. For
Elephant Garlic  3 inches deep 10 inches a  part  and 18 - 20 inches between rows.   

Plant Garlic cloves with the pointed side up. Just a reminder here break the cloves a part
from the garlic head. Do not plant the whole head. Plant only the largest cloves from the
bulb, and discard any that are pitted or tinged blue-green - both are signs of mold.
Do not peel the cloves if the paper falls off it is OK to plant.
Plant garlic in full sun .
Elephant Garlic Cloves for your garden.
Buy garlic plants harvest plenty.
Or plant garlin in a container.
Garlic Varieties:

There are many varieties of Garlic. I like to grow the Jumbo which is some what bigger
than the regular size garlic found at food stores. My other favorite garlic is the Elephant
Garlic which produces large cloves and big heads.

The basic different between Elephant and Jumbo is as follows:
Elephant Garlic: Slightly milder in taste. One clove can be 2 1/2" - 3". Elephant garlic is
not only good for spicing up food, but can be cooked by itself. Cooked or grilled, it
takes on a very mild taste. Eat it by itself, or spread it on a piece of Italian bread. Or
roast or bake in oven and eat like a potato.

Jumbo Garlic is hot  with  a smaller head with may cloves. Both are easy to grow and
make great companion plants.
Garlic grow during the winter as well.
Easy to garden any variety of garlic.
Young Garlic plants grow fast little care.
Plant many garlic in a garden bed.
Braiding Gsrlic is a great gardening hobby.
Garlic plant easy to garden.
Garlic croms are small edible garlics.
What Are Garlic Croms?

Garlic Croms are formed at the base of the Garlic bulb. If the Croms are left on
the bulb the Garlic Croms will break off the Mother Garlic  plant and plant
themselves.  When you pull up your Garlic  bulbs just pluck them off the
Mother bulb and plant in the soil. The Garlic Croms will grow into another Garlic
plant. If you break a Garlic Croms  open they will feel like one of those gummy
candies. Some gardener collect the Garlic Croms and cook with them. The
Garlic Croms do have great flavor. Feed Garlic Croms  and
Organic Plant Food
and Tea.
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