Comfry Plants
comfrey plants buy many have many benefits
Plant comfrey and enjoy a season of forever blooms.
Comgreyonly plants that has all the nutrients for gardening.
comfrey return every year
make compost tea with comfreyleaves
Compost Tea ther organic way to feed your plants.
Use compost tea often.
Once your Asparagus roots have been planted they will need to be fed with
Andys  Energy Drink  or  Plant Food    
Andy's Energy Drink:
Step 1 :Take 3 - 4 tablespoons of the  Andy's  Plant Energy Drink into a
gallon of water.

Step 2 :Let the Tea set in the sun for 2 hours. The energy drink is all
organic. Now your Asparagus are ready to start  producing for you.
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