Early Spring Christmas Fern - Sword Fern
  Loved By Gardeners Because It Is Always Green Even In the Winter
                    When All Else Is Brown and Dead
Christmas ferns fast easy to grow.
Gardening Christmas ferns like filtered sun light.
Plant ferns in bulk and hide bare spots in your garden.
always green
How To Grow Christmas Ferns
Buy fern in bulk. Plant in the shade.
Where To Plant Christmas Ferns?
Christmas Ferns are harvested from
the forest each season.
    Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides)

A North American Native.  The Christmas Fern is also called
the Sword Fern. The Christmas Fern is a  perennial and loved
by gardeners because it is "forever ever green"  even in the
winter. And has long lush foliage all season long.

Just some shade and  moderate watering  is all it takes to
grow the Christmas Fern.          
The native fern grows  a very showy foliage. The fronds will grow 1 to 3
feet tall and 1 to 3 feet wide.
Christmas Ferns are an excellent landscape plant or plant in a container.

The Christmas Fern  is an adaptable species that will grow in almost any
situation – shady, rich or poor soil, rubble or compost or soil that is dry
to moist.

Christmas Ferns  will grow well in zones 3 - 9. Partial to full shade is the
"key" for best results. Christmas ferns will grow in a wet spot in your
garden as long as the wet spot drain completely Christmas ferns will
grow in a wet spot in your garden as long as the wet spot drains
completely over a few days.

They are not fussy about where they live. Some shade is important to
them.  The Christmas Fern is a  happy plant that likes what ever is
available to them.
Christmas fern is relatively deer- and pest-resistant as
When planting, place each rhizome  end of the root at a slight angle in
the planting hole. Plant so that the foliage-producing end is a bit higher
than the other end and the growing tip (crown)  shows  above the soil

This improves drainage and helps prevent a fungal disorders. Fern are
easy to plant . They are slow to sprout so be patient.
How To Plant Christmas Ferns:
Why Grow Christmas Ferns?
This plant is great for everyone from the beginning
gardener to the most experience. It is a very low maintain
plant that takes very little over seeing.
A "no care plant that lasts for years".
The Christmas Fern is very hardy and will survive  the
long hard winters and the ever so long hot summers -
just remember to water when hot.
Your home landscaping or garden can be versatile
additions to  shady spots and those "eye sore areas"
where nothing grows.

The Christmas Fern gets its name from its ability to
remain bright green all winter especially  at holiday
Many gardeners will plant the Christmas Ferns under trees or to edge their lawn or
along a fence row or as an addition to a rock garden. Remember Ferns  like shade .
A wet spot is great as long as the water drains within time.  

Or for a "super garden statement" plant several in a large container and place in the
shade on your patio.
Christmas fern green in your garden all season.
If you need to add zest to a certain bland area in your yard, plant
Christmas Ferns close together. Over the next several years if the
Christmas Ferns grow to thick just pluck them out of the soil and give
them away.
One thing you don't want is a scarce looking patchy fern area. You will
want the Christmas Fern to completely cover the ground. Therefore the
Christmas Ferns should be planted in large clusters. Keep your ferns
healthy be sure and feed them
Andy's  Organic Plant Food.
Eventually, over time these plants will spread to cover an entire area.
Their leaves will continue to grow until Spring. At that time the old
fronds of the Christmas Fern will wither and die and the new fronds
will appear and take the place of the old ones.
Christmas Fern green all year
like filters sun light buy many
Ferns no care. Easy to gorw
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