Horseradish Roots
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Where To Plant Horseradish Roots
Horseradish roots are tubular and knobby in nature.
Grow about 4 - 5  inches below the soil. They are slow to sprout.
Horseradish roots require very little care.

Just some well drained soil, soil, and a little watering is all it takes to
have  very productive Horseradish growing in your garden. Where to
plant Horseradish?
Horseradish can be planted any where there is good soil, and sunshine
and a little water. If planting directly to your garden, remember that
Horseradish last many years. So plant in an out of the way place.
Horseradish do multiple but will take years for there is any need to worry
about too much.

Planting Horseradish in  a container. Use a 2 - 5 gallon container. Same
soil requirements. But water just a little more as containers dry out faster.
Horseradish Roots . Original no hybrid.
Horseradish Roots easy to grow.
Horseradish roots for your garden or containers.
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